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YOGA with mikeandmore @ mama thresl

19. June 2020 - 24. June 2020


Yoga with Mike from mikeandmore 

This week is about the experience of the unity of body, mind and soul. The joint action of body and higher consciousness is a continuous dance: “We do things with our body and stay connected to our consciousness.”

Not the intellectual “understanding” but the intuitive feeling of connection is the goal of Yoga. When you are completely absorbed in the moment and “forget” yourself and the world around you, you are in a state of complete harmony and bliss.

About Mike:

“Through physical asana practice and pranayama I felt connected to myself for the first time.”

In 2006 I got to know yoga during a surfing and yoga holiday in Portugal. Already after the first hours of Power Yoga and Pranayama it was clear to me that I wanted to live and teach Yoga. I was fascinated how easy movement in combination with breathing can be and enjoyed the conscious, powerful exercises.

What fascinated me most was the effect of pranayama, meditation and Shavasana on my mind. For the first time in a long time I was connected with myself again. I felt safe and could finally get out of my personal drama.
In this holistic system I found everything I had been looking for in many different areas until then: movement, stillness, people, teaching, dealing with myself, stability and passion.

This was followed by a classical Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, numerous retreats and workshops, in which I continuously trained and further educated myself. Since 2008, I have made it my mission to lead men to yoga and to keep them there.
With the love and passion given to me and always with a wink of the eye I design my classes.


Start: 19. June 2020
End: 24. June 2020


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