BBQ at mama thresl

We have heated up our Smoker for you and you will enjoy a BBQ evening based on the North American model!

ALL U CAN EAT at 40,00€ per person:

Beef brisket, pulled pork & spare ribs form the holy trinity of the BBQ.

Our BBQ specialties were prepared up to 14 hours in our smoker!

The pulled pork packed in our small burger buns, spare ribs and brisket directly from the smoker and for those who also like fish or vegetarian food, there are salmon, prawns and goat cheese from the lava stone grill in the kitchen!

Usually the BBQ takes place on Saturdays in summer and Thursdays in winter – the exact dates can be found in our event calendar!

NEW: From the winter season 2023/24 BBQ will also take place on Saturdays from 18:00 – 22:00 o’clock.

+++ little changes reserved +++

Please make sure to reserve a table – please call 0043 6583 2080!

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