At Kitzsteinhorn, it is sure to snow even in spring and autumn.

The Kitzsteinhorn Glacier, covered in snow and ice, defines Kaprun as a holiday destination and casts a spell over guests from around the world. For almost the whole year round, a perfect skiing area awaits you at 2,900m altitude. Further down in the valley, you can reach the alpine reservoirs.

High above the Kaprun Valley you will find the breathtaking high mountain reservoirs – a wonderful summer destination to marvel, hike and learn.

Kaprun castle is the second most prominent symbol of the town in Salzburg province. The fortifications boast a history that is hundreds of years old. Today, the castle from the 12thcentury is used for cultural events.

In Sigmund-Thun gorge, you can experience the spectacular forces of nature. Like in a fairy tale, jagged rocks, mossy branches and rushing water appear out of nowhere. Lumberjacks have engraved dates and signs in the rocks and stones from years ago. Visit: www.kaprun.at

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