Hyperice & PRAEP

Ready. Steady. PRAEP.

While our mountains provide the perfect workout outdoors, we take your fitness to a new level indoors with the interactive core training equipment from praepsports. Use the interactive sports equipment including training app for free in our Think Tank and experience innovative core training – playful & highly effective!

Whether biker, pumper or just an exercise junkie. The right app guarantees interactive gaming for every difficulty level and challenges your deep muscles from the hips to the wrists!

More about the casual devices at: www.praep.com


Regeneration like the professionals – thanks to our high-quality Hyperice test station!

The latest technology and innovations from the market leader Hyperice are available to you free of charge in our think tank. With innovative massage and regeneration tools such as percussion massage and compression massage, you not only prevent muscle soreness, but also prepare your body optimally for the next challenge.

On top of that, you can even get an additional 10% discount when you order from the online shop… #voilässig!

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