Slippers made of plastic bottles – the sustainably way!

You will love our slippers, because they are not only super comfortable, but also extremely smart and sustainable!

Our slippers come from Slovenia from the great company kaaita:

A pair of slippers is made from 6 recycled plastic bottles. Between 2014 and 2019 there were 132,000 plastic bottles turned into mama thresl slippers!

After your visit you should take the slippers home with you and wear them as slippers.

If you don’t need them any more at some point, then

… you can dispose them in the plastic waste

… or send them back to kaaita and get 15% discount on a new slipper order

There are great models, NEW also with pineapple leaves, have a look here!

If you leave the slippers in your hotel room, they will not be thrown away in the garbage but will go back to kaaita.

kaaita makes sure that the used slippers are recycled into geotextiles or alternative fuels.


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