Mei Muich from the local farmer Ziefer in Leogang

All dairy products, such as yoghurt, quark and the delicious fresh milk we use at the mama thresl restaurant come from here. The Leogang farmers – or rather their cows – provide us with the freshest local products. There is also a small farm shop which is open on Tuesdays from 10am to 12pm and Fridays from 2pm to 5pm.

Bio-Hof Enn in Leogang

This organic farm is home to 1,200 chicken who lay around 1,140 eggs per day, which means the Leogang chickens have a 95 percent success rate when it comes to laying eggs. They are free to run around the meadow and lay their eggs in their covered henhouse. The Leogang chickens usually come to the farm when they are about 10 weeks old and lay their first egg shortly after their arrival. mama thresl requires about 33,500 eggs per year!

Mich’s & Angie’s arctic char farm in Leogang

Angie and Mich Hirschbichler breed arctic chars on the beautiful organic Adam’s farm. The fish are bred in fresh, oxygen-rich mountain spring water for three years and reach a weight of 800g. The difficult and costly farming makes it a rare and healthy treat among fish eaters, and with up to six times the amount of the valuable Omega 3 fatty acids, it is one of our most valuable freshwater fish and food.

Loigom Gin from Leogang

Legend has it that not too long ago a fox was roaming around Lenzing. It was said to be the soul of a blasphemous miller that did not find peace as a fox. Based on this story, we commissioned the Adam’s farm to distil our LOIGOM gin with spruce needles and honey. A #brutalregional homage to Leogang and its surroundings.

Siegfried Herzog Destillate in Saalfelden

Our fine schnapps comes from the award-winning distiller Siegfried Herzog who runs the Keilbauer farm in the neighbouring town of Saalfelden. On this 500-year-old farm, distilling schnapps has a longstanding family tradition. Siegi Herzog was the only distiller to win the DESTILLATA “DISTILLER OF THE YEAR IN GOLD” award four times in a row. He also scored 19 of 20 points at GAULT MILLAU and FALSTAFF elected him DISTILLER OF THE YEAR, just to name a few. A visit to the distillery is worthwhile, not only because of its special spirits but also because of its magnificent farm shop, where you find home-made cheese and many other local delicacies and souvenirs.

Keramik Weißensteiner in Saalfelden

Michael Weißensteiner runs his shop and pottery at Lofererstraße 46 in Saalfelden. Among other things, he makes the pretty cocktail glasses and coffee cups which you can buy at mama thresl. If you like, you can also watch the potter do his job! Michael makes a wide variety of decorative and utility ceramics. He spins anything from plates and cups to wine coolers and bread tins on his potter’s wheel. As everything is handmade, each product is unique.

Stocki’s Mountain Destillerie in Leogang

In 1995, Thomas Kersten found something interesting when he was going through old court records. He learnt that the Stocking estate owned Austria’s biggest private distillery rights which were granted by Empress Maria Theresia at the time. Thomas Kersten saw this as a good reason to start distilling schnapps. He made his first fruit brandies without a teacher or mentor, simply by reading expert books and having the gift of a distinguished taste. The good quality of his spirits was rewarded by many awards and medals. We recommend a visit to his delicatessen shop (Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm) and a tour of the distillery (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8.30pm)

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