Stay in a carbon neutral environment

Together with ClimatePartner, a leading provider of innovative solutions for climate protection, we offer accommodation in a carbon neutral environment.

When making your reservation on our website, you can book a carbon neutral room. You will find the option at the end of the booking process. THANKS for your contribution.

Your contribution to protect our planet

More weather extremes, melting glaciers, frequent droughts and floods: climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

Hotels have a responsibility

It is paramount to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, for example by using renewable energies or applying energy efficiency measures. As it is almost impossible to avoid all emissions, they can be offset through climate protection projects.

Climate protection project

If you opt for a carbon neutral stay, you can offset exactly the amount of CO2 generated by your overnight stay in a hotel.

The calculation includes all the hotel’s main emission sources such as emissions from heat, electricity, dry cleaning or catering. With your carbon neutral overnight stay, you support a certified climate protection project which could not be realised without your contribution. The project which is based on international standards reduces CO2 and is regularly audited by independent third parties.

Offset your emissions

The ClimatePartner’s carbon neutral label bears an order-related ID number which gives you full transparency and guarantees traceability for your climate action. You can measure the greenhouse gas emissions generated during your overnight stay and find out which climate project will offset your emissions.

Advantages of carbon neutral overnight stays

Contribution to sustainable development

Investment in the future: by supporting climate protection projects you contribute to technology transfers and the sustainable development of development and emerging countries.

Effective climate protection

Your contribution makes a difference: you will offset the exact amount of CO2 generated by your overnight stay.


From project to certificate: our climate protection projects are verified by independent third parties while TÜV-Austria certifies the correctness of the offsetting.

Cost effective

Small contribution, big impact: offsetting CO2 emissions only adds an average of 0.5-2% of the accommodation costs.

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